Sunday, July 25, 2010

Complex Weavers and Convergence

Now that I'm back home, I've pulled a few images from the camera to share. First, here's the yardage exhibit, hanging from the mezzanine of the Convention Center main hall. On the mezzanine side of the railing were handling samples, along with descriptions of yarns and structures used.

One of the fiber installations at a downtown gallery consisted of small circles created by thread braids wound in a flat spiral, suspended from the ceiling by a single matching thread. Some of the little circles had braided (or maybe plied) tails that hung down onto the floor. The air movement created by passersby made the circles move slightly, although the circles with tails were sufficiently anchored by the weight of the tail that they didn't move much. The installation was lit from above, and the circular shadows on the floor were as much a part of the effect as the circles of thread.

As I said in my last post, the exhibit of work by James Koehler, Rebecca Mezoff, and Cornelia Gardella was the absolute highlight of the gallery hop, if not the entire CW/Convergence experience.

The first image is Koehler's work, the second is Gardella's, and the third is Mezoff's (and that's the one I coveted mightily).

Rebecca Mezoff's artist statement really rang bells in my brain:

"everything I made this morning changed who yesterday was
today I made a tapestry while wondering about change and seeing
tomorrow's explorations may have different endings... or beginnings

a learning about collaboration, a movement through fear, a gleeful laugh of discovery
lifting a marvelous new color out of the dye pot
holding my breath as I pull a tapestry off the cloth beam at its cutting off ceremony

i like putting individual threads together to make a crafted object that is also art
But mostly I revel in the journey."


Anonymous said...

I loved the red spiral threads! Also the piece at the back of the gallery which had blue and yellow thread wrapped around nails - I used to love doing those kits when I was a child, but that installation was awe-inspiring. So much care and detail, and all to be dismantled at the end of the show...

neki desu said...

he red circle piece is fascinating! thanks for sharing

Rebecca Mezoff said...

Thanks so much Sandra. I'm glad you enjoyed my work. In my so-far but soon-to-be-deeper exploration of your blog, I love your weaving. I am looking for inspiration in new places and will follow along with your weaving for some of that!