Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Up for Lost Time

I must be feeling better. Today, I felt up to the challenge of weaving on the jacquard loom, and the 3-shuttle sequence. It was so hypnotic, I didn't stop until I'd woven over 1250 picks! Now I'm very tired, and I think it'll be an early night. But it did feel good at the time...

The piece I wove is based on this image. Here's a look at the first 450 or so picks:

And a closeup of the shoreline:

And the last 450 or so picks (sorry, I didn't manage to photograph the middle part!):

Tomorrow I'll finish the border on the left side of the image. This piece will either be mounted on a canvas stretcher (like a canvas for an oil painting) or matted and framed. In either case, it needs a border on all sides to allow for the mounting/matting.

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Laura Fry said...

So nice when you find the zone. :)