Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy April Spools Day

Meg in Nelson, NZ, asks weavers to post photos of spools/bobbins/pirns on April 1, so here's my version of April Spools Day.

I'm usually a neat freak, and after every project I wind the contents of the pirns I've used back onto the cones they came from. However, I was able to scrounge up a few partly loaded pirns, plus one almost full rust-colored one destined for a future jacquard piece:

Most are 16/2 cotton or 16/2 rayon, used in recent jacquard work. The dark brown pirn on the right was weft on the brown scarf warp (still in progress) and is 140/2 silk.

I always have a bowl of loaded quills and cardboard tubes, which I use whenever I need to throw a few shots of waste yarn at the beginning or end of the main cloth. Most of these are towel weft leftovers in fine cotton (24/2, 30/2, or 40/2):

As usual, April 1st here is mostly drizzly - only a few drops at a time - just enough to make the newly planted garden veggies happy by raising the humidity level.

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Meg said...

lovely blues and purples. But forever looking for new yarns, what are 30/2 and 40/2 cottons like to work with and where do you get them?