Monday, May 20, 2019

Resleyed and Lashed On

Well, I wove a few inches of the shadow-weave warp with the original sett (32 epi, and tighter for the rib weave selvedge ends), and decided that the sett was too tight. Especially on the selvedges, which refused to pack in appropriately (talk about smiley-face edges!). So I unwove all of it, and resleyed at 30 epi, including the selvedges.

The warp is retensioned, and resting overnight in its new configuration. Tomorrow's test will tell.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Threaded & Sleyed

The shadow-weave warp is now threaded:

And sleyed:

Next, lashing onto the apron rod, checking for crossed threads, and weaving a sample!

Thursday, May 09, 2019


Yesterday, I finished beaming 16 inches of black and white 20/2 tencel warp for shadow weave.

Threading starts today.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

A Cutting-off Ceremony, and a New Warp

Here is a flock of towels, cutt off the loom, but not stay-stitched and cut apart.
Plus, the beginnings of a shadow-weave warp in black and white 20/2 tencel: 

Monday, May 06, 2019

Towel #11

There was enough warp left to complete a full-size dish towel. And I love the way these interleaved threadings give me such gentle, dappled color blends!

The next project to go on the loom is for a guild challenge due in mid-June: a shadow-weave table runner. I'm going to keep it simple, black and white 20/2 tencel, and (for a change) a symetrical design. I've never woven shadow weave, but the jacquard loom gives me lots of practice with multiple shuttles, so the project should go quickly. More info to come.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Towel #10

Towel #10, photographed at about pick 300. The liftplan is one I used earlier in this warp, but with a lime-green weft. This weft is a medium blue, somewhere between the two warp colors in value.

I like the many shades of blue that result from this blend of warps and weft.

Surprisingly, there is at least enough warp length left for another towel. I beamed the same yardage as usual for a 10-towel run, but the warp seems to have stretched, probably because it's unmercerized cotton. You won't see towel #11 for a while; there are still 700 picks to go on #10, and my energy levels are still not up to par. My battery runs down quicker than it used to...

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Towel #9

This weft is a 36/2 unmercerized cotton hand-dyed a light-medium blue with a little violet tinge to it compared to the green tinge in both warp yarns. I've used it before in this series, but I'm no longer certain whether it was the same liftplan or not...

And there are more denizens of the garden to admire when I tire of weaving. First, the cymbidium, which are happy outdoors in our climate, although they spend the winter in a greenhouse because we do get freezing nights:

The peanut cactus is just beginning. Those dark tips are buds, so it will be covered with bright scarlet blossoms soon: