Friday, April 22, 2016

Brown Won

After I finished off the green-weft scarf, I went trolling in the stash for the next weft color. When I opened the bin of fine silk, a cone of nice rust-brown was smiling up at me. Decision made. Easy-peasy. Small feathers this time. Maybe quail?

And in extreme closeup (if you click the small version to display the full-size image), you can see the warps elbowing each other to claim their role on the face of the cloth. This effect of threads moving out of their proper vertical alignment is common (and fascinating) with 3-warp designs. And even more obvious after wet finishing, which allows them all to relax and yield when appropriate.

Weaving Again

I'm nearly done weaving the green-weft scarf, after putting in 600 picks yesterday. Here it is, under the loom, as it rolls onto the cloth storage beam.

I should be able to finish weaving it today, and move on to the next piece on the warp. The next one will have a red weft. Or maybe brown. Or violet?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Computers and Cats

When Gracie wants my attention if I'm sitting at the computer, she parks herself on the desk right in front of me, blocking my view of the monitor.

Over the past few months, my desktop computer has experienced seizures with increasing freqency. The mouse pointer wouldn't move, and the keyboard wouldn't respond. Pressing the Reset button to restart the computer was the only solution. DH the Engineer jumped through hoops trying to find a software problem that would explain the freezes. Installed all new drivers for everything that needs drivers. Replaced the BIOS (you don't want to know - it's the lowest level of software/firmware in the machine). No luck.

The next step (before outright replacing the computer's motherboard, which can get almost as expensive as a new computer, since Microsoft wants you to pay for a new Windows licence), was to test all the hardware. So out to the workshop went the computer. The first thing DH noticed after opening up the case was that the whole thing was filled with cat hair and dust. After about 20 minutes' work with a high-pressure air gun, the computer was cleaned out, and all the cabling reconnected. Hasn't crashed once since then.

Don't tell Gracie - no cat needs or deserves an increase in his/her sense of empowerment!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Huge Sigh of Relief!

Turns out it is indeed possible to weave with only 8 working fingers. Throw a shuttle back and forth, that is; I suspect there arre other aspects of weaving that will be problematic, but won't be sure until I try. Not fast, and certainly no marathon sessions...

I use my thumb, first, and middle fingers to throw/catch the shuttle. The ring and little fingers (the ones that are numb on my left hand) are just along for the ride. Today, I only wove 200 picks - a test run, as it were. Now I'm confident enough to feel as if I can really finish off this warp in time for Complex Weavers Seminars in June.


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

In The Garden

Spring has sprung.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Cyborgs and Cats

In a comment on yesterday's post, Carol said "Welcome to the community of the electronically-controlled. Does that make us cyborgs?"

The way the cardiologist/surgeon explained it, this pacemaker doesn't *control* my heartbeat, it just kicks in when my heart's electrical system goes crazy and skips a beat. The rest of the time, it just hangs out listening to the ticker.

I have Atrial Fibrillation (Afib for short) and when the Afib starts, it can cause heartbeats to get scrambled. If it's more than one missed beat, I could just pass out with no lingering evidence of what caused it.. That means no more driving, for one thing. Many missed beats, and I'm either a vegetable or I'm dead.

So if I'm a cyborg, I'm a live, thinking  one, for which I'm grateful.

Speaking of hanging out, Gracie and I have been having lots of quality time together: nap time.

Monday, April 04, 2016

I Forgot... mention the new fashion accesory: a brand new, shiny pacemaker! Well, probaby not shiny any more, but it's there and working.