Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday's Decadent Luncheon

Sunday luncheon was at Le Jules Verne, which is an Alain Ducasse restaurant with 1 Michelin star, and superbly located on the second platform of the Eiffel Tower. You might be able to see the restaurant's windows just below the orange elevator in the first photo. The view was incredible - you can see the Arc de Triomphe highlighted against the shadows in the second photo.

We neglected to take a picture of the first course (terrine de fois gras, fig sauce, toasted brioche) but did record most of the second through sixth:

2- veloute of watercress with one *perfectly* cooked scallop topped with caviar
3- truffled macaroni and cheese (the fanciest mac'n'cheese in the universe)
4- saddle of lamb with veg and a heavenly sauce
5- basil sorbet with preserved lemon (sorry, no photo!)
6- a tray of macarons and other bite-size treats, plus a chocolate mousse-ish thing with a side of praline ice cream and hazelnuts (which were quickly demolished)

After 3 hours of delightful food, served in a leisurely fashion and accompanied by champagne and pinot noir, we decided that no supper would be required that evening.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Marketing

We had a walking tour in the 5th Arrondisement, mostly in the shopping street called Rue Mouffetard. This is a pedestrian street on which one could feed oneself forever. We saw oysters and other seafood, cheeses (I never saw so many kinds of chevre!), mushrooms, poultry of all sorts (including partridge and rabbits with the fur still on), meats, fresh pasta, and enough designer pastries to satisfy DH (even the non chocolate ones).  And then there were the usual fruit and veg shops... And street musicians... And families having a lovely Sunday out... And cafes overflowing onto the sidewalks...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Et Voila!

As seen in real life...

We'll have 6 days in Paris, then 8 days on a cruise on the Rhone River from Macon to Arles.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Where in the World...?

We're in Los Angeles, shortly to board a plane. Last evening,  we had dinner with one of DH's brothers and his 6-year-old twins, who had drawn a going-away card for us. There are plenty of hints in the card as to our destination. Tomorrow you'll undoubtedly see a photo of the pointy structure as it appears in real life (as opposed to a 6-year-old imagination).

Monday, October 13, 2014

What You Missed...

...if you didn't make it to Open Studios. These jacquards were on the balcony, which connects the main part of the house to the studio space.

This one was also on the balcony - one of my all-time faves.

Then inside the studio were other display areas:

Sales (for me) were nonexistant, and for DH, very low. We're thinking we might not sign up for next year's Open Studios Art Tour, because it's pretty expensive to participate - $150 per artist to be included in the catalog. And if you just happen to open your studio (just informally, mind you) and haven't signed up, you can be blacklisted. It's a quandary.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Beamed & Weaving

The table runner warp is somewhat farther along in its progress. The warp has been lashed onto the apron rod, and I've woven a test strip to debug the threading and sleying. During that process I found 2 sleying errors, in which 2 warp ends didn't get sleyed at all, so I now have two dents that have 5 ends per dent instead of 4 ends per. Oh well, what a tragedy. I can't see any difference at this point, so I suspect it'll all come out in the wash...

The weft here is a very fine (50/2?) navy blue mercerized cotton, and the treadling is the same as the fourth runner on the previous table runner warp (it's the one on the right in the top photo, and a closeup is in the last photo).

I took some photos of the studio as it appeared at the beginning of Open Studios, but they were all out of focus. I'll try harder tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Threaded & Sleyed

The table runner warp (last shown at the bottom of this post) is now beamed, threaded, and sleyed.

Tomorrow's task is to lash on to the apron rod, and test for threading or sleying errors. Then the fun begins! Woven as-drawn-in, the draft looks like this:

The lighter blue stripe, in real life, is the variegated yarn I posted here, which was space-dyed in an effort to use up fiber reactive dye that had been mixed for the painted-stripe runners, and would have otherwise been wasted. You can't save leftover fiber-reactive dyes that have water in 'em - after a few hours, all the dye molecules bond with the water molecules, and can't adhere to fiber.