Thursday, January 17, 2008

Progress on First Wood Series Scarf

I'm about halfway into the first scarf in the latest Wood Series warp. You can see the yarn colors by going back a couple of posts. One warp is a medium pink, the other a medium walnut brown. The weft is the skein dyed with brazilwood and fustic - the darker, duller orange color. All three yarns are quite similar in value.

When viewed straight on, it's difficult to make out the pattern ("Pattern? What pattern?" a visitor asked). From the side, the design shows a bit more, but it's still very subtle.

This design will be more apparent after wet finishing, but because of a difference in luster rather than because of a difference in hue or value. The pink warp is a 100% Tencel yarn with a lot of luster. The weft is silk - again, lots of luster. The brown warp, by contrast, is a blend of Tencel and silk, and has a much more matte appearance. It's very loosely spun and loosely plied, while both the 100% Tencel and the 100% silk are tightly spun and plied. This difference contributes to the visual contrast between areas where one or the other yarn predominates.

A finished wood surface often has this same quality, because it may have face grain in some areas and end grain in others. The two surfaces absorb finish differently, and take a polish differently. These differences in grain are what make each piece of wood unique and give it personality.

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