Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Studio-in-Progress

The studio is gradually getting organized. We're almost to bare floor, except for two piles of loom parts and a few boxes. That will leave enough room for (someday soon) loom reassembly. I have to admit the clearing of floor space was accomplished mostly by filling the bathroom and the closet with bins of yarn and fiber. I did say the bathtub would be storage space, didn't I? Yup, I meant it!

And here's a partial view of the closet storage:

In the main room, there's now room for the two looms, a cutting table, and various shelving units. The cutting table was made over 15 years ago, from 2 inexpensive white melamine dressers as bases topped with a sheet of plywood that was sanded smooth and coated with high-gloss white paint. Very handy, perfect height for a work surface. An old steamer trunk fits underneath and provides even more storage. Of course, the table is currently loaded down with stuff I haven't found homes for...

but that will change soon. Remember the view of the west wall of the room in the last post? Compare that very obscured view with this one.

The big walk-in closet is on the left and the laundry closet to its right. The wooden crate contains the AVL compudobby components and the loom PC.

In the kitchen-aka-dye-studio-and-sewing-area, the sewing desk is in its rightful place, albeit surrounded by boxes of dyes and dyepots and a serger, and the Glimakra parts are stacked ready to be put together (but not until the AVL is done).

And, of course, Tim the supervisor is on duty, although the birds are being supervised more thoroughly than the unpacking efforts.

The studio is on the second floor, with lovely views out over the valley and hillsides. The California poppies and native lupine are in full bloom. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the views from the studio and the wildflowers and oak trees that are what passes for landscaping around here - Mother Nature's best work!

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