Friday, May 15, 2009

Alpacas and Articles

Yesterday was a very diverse day. In the morning, the weaving guild had a field trip to a local alpaca farm, where the owners talked about the business side of raising alpacas. And, naturally, there were a lot of adorable fiber critters (both adults and babies) to see.

Then, I spent the afternoon writing an article for the Spring newsletter of the Jacquard Study Group, one of many study groups within Complex Weavers. Once it's been published in the study group newsletter, I'll post a copy on my website, because the topic is possibly of interest to all weavers, not just jacquard weavers. However, it was written for the study group, so they get first dibs. I'll post here (and probably on WeaveTech) when it is available on the website.

The article is about a visit to the Paradise Mill in Macclesfield, England, where there are foot-powered jacquard looms with warps still on them from the mill closing in the 1980s. All the warping and weaving equipment is still in place, along with an entire museum's worth of other textile machinery.


neki desu said...

oh! although a member of cw i'll still have to wait, bummer :(

neki desu

Jane the weaver said...

Our Guild went on a trip to Paradise Mill last summer. (not too far away). I took along a non-weaver non-textile friend who was fascinated by it all. The Guides were excellent and took us through the designing side as well as the weaving. My friend still talks about it. Being a mathematician she liked the logic of it all.
So I reckon your article would be of interest to everyone! I wait with anticipation
Jane the Weaver in Sheffield UK