Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Towel Warp Ready to Go

Oh, the joy of a freshly beamed, threaded, sleyed, and tied warp! Like a clean slate, ready to be written on.

It's been slow going, and will continue at a snail's pace. I've done something to the outer joint on the 4th finger of my right hand, and it's swollen, inflamed, and very painful. I thought at first it was arthritis (which I've had for a few years now), but it's not acting like it, so I went to the doctor. He thinks it could be infected (how??) so I'm on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and the finger's in a splint.

Kinda hard to do anything this way! Time to retrain myself, and learn to swing the beater with my right hand and pull the fly shuttle cord with my left. That should put less strain on the wounded finger.

On the good news front, I heard from my cardiologist (after a nuclear stress test) that my heart is in about the same state as it was in 2001, a year after bypass surgery. So a sore finger I can definitely cope with - no big deal, just a pain in the keyboard!


neki desu said...

sorry about your finger. hope you're on the mend soon

neki desu

Laura Fry said...

Great - *very* good news about your heart. :) Amazing technology that we have now!

Hopefully your finger will soon be right as rain and you'll be back to weaving comfortably.



Anonymous said...

Aaaah! Poor thing! I know what your going through. I broke my ankle last Nov. which still hurts heaps. Yeasterday I got stirod injections into my ankle joint. SORE, but hoping it will stop the pain so I can get back to my loom!!!
Hope you feel better soon.