Friday, June 05, 2009

Another Look at Towels 11 & 12

As the towels move across onto the cloth storage beam, you can see more of the cloth at once than when it's just been woven. Here's #11, with little ripples formed by an advancing offset point treadling.

You can see diagonal bands of darker blue against lighter blue, and big swoopy curves in green. Both shapes are blurred and muted by the ripples of the treadling. By contrast, here's towel #12, which has a 5-end advancing twill (no points) in the treadling. Same shapes, but not obscured by the ripples.

Currently in progress (slowly, due to a 3-day leave from the studio and some mechanical changes to the flying shuttle apparatus) is towel #14. I'll post pictures of the changes tomorrow.

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Walden said...

Both are so beautiful!