Saturday, July 25, 2009

Water Scarf #4

The warp is now cut off the loom. Before unwinding the scarves from the cloth storage beam, I walked around the loom with camera in hand. Here are three views, from the right side of the loom, the left side, and the rear:

This one of the few pieces I've woven with the interleaved threading technique that has a "wrong" side. At this point in its path from fell to cloth storage beam, the cloth is "wrong" side up. While weaving, I saw the other side, which has a much more equal distribution of the 3 warp colors and the weft color. On this side, the lightest of the warp colors is nearly absent so the pattern is much more muted. You can see the other, more contrasty, side in the previous post.

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Benita said...

It looks like the surface of a swimming pool - makes me feel cooler just looking at it.