Thursday, August 27, 2009


Why do we come to Montana, to a small, primitive cabin on a tiny lake?

Peace and quiet! The lake has a "no motor boats" rule. There is no boat launch ramp, and the only traffic on the lake is canoes, kayaks, or rowboats. There are about 10 cabins around the lake, and this late in the summer only a few are occupied.

The mountain ridge is the western border of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, one of a string of wilderness preserves that reach up to Glacier National Park on the Montana side of the border and Waterton Park in Canada.

A pair of loons has succeeded in raising a clutch of two chicks on the lake each year for many years. The cabin residents built them a tiny artificial nesting island, complete with grasses and shrubs, so that the nest is safe from predators. As a result, this pair is the most successful breeding pair in the region.

The sound of the loons "laughing" is a wonderful thing to hear. They are shy but curious creatures, and when we take the rowboat out to fish, the loons circle the boat (at a safe distance) to see what we're up to. Probably keeping track of how many of "their" fish we catch.



I can resonate with the longing for peace, quiet and secluded mountain cabins. It's one of the reasons my hubby and I go to NC in the winter. Enjoy your vacation!!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Oh how I would love a place like that. Unfortunately I have a husband who, when we arrive at such a place,wants to do the very first thing is to go find the nearest town..........aaaaak!

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Geodyne said...

Sandra, I usually love your posts but this one has me drooling.

How perfect.

Walden said...

Sounds wonderful!

Deanna said...

Oh how lovely, and perfect for the times when you can no longer pretend that the freeway noise is really the ocean.