Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And We're Weaving!

Here's what I accomplished so far:

The structure is 2/2 broken twill, on 8 shafts. All looks normal from above the loom, but underneath it's a different story.

And behind the loom:

This is based on an article written by Peter Collingwood some years ago. I'm searching for an online copy of the text and drawings; please be patient. Either I'll post a link, or will retype or rescan the somewhat grubby copy we worked from. This method uses an ungodly amount of cord, but you really can set the tie-up sitting on a low stool behind the loom.

Of course, if I'd woven on a treadle loom sometime in the past millenium, it would be easier... and faster...

More information to follow. Stay tuned.


neki desu said...

i'm afraid that would make me give up weaving.Long live dobbies!( not to mention jacqs)

Life Looms Large said...

Interesting that it's from a Peter Collingwood article. I think there's a version of that made by a weaving tool maker called something like "20 Plus".

I'm curious about whether you're using all texsolv for all that cord?

Thanks for testing the waters!!


HelenR said...

Hi Sandra - was looking at your blog and almost recognised my own 8 shaft Toika,modified the same way by the engineer husband of the former owner. There's a description of the method in Marianne Straub's book -Handweaving and cloth design- and the reference to the original Collingwood article - A simplified tie-up for double countermarch looms Quarterly Journal of the Guilds of Weavers Spiners and Dyers No 49 March 1964. Despite a careful search in my guild library's almost complete run of this journal, I realised that of course this issue was missing. It's a great system so I'd love to see the original article so that I'll know what to do when a cord finally breaks

Geodyne said...

Sandra, thanks for posting these pictures. I'm half-way through fitting my Glimakra with a rear tie-up, so it's nice to see how someone else has done it.

The American system is based on the original modification written about by Peter Collingwood. The Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers recently published a memorial retrospective of all Collingwood's articles through the years. It's possible the 1964 article is among those.

Laritza said...

I thought the original title was 'I simplified....' LOL! it looks wild but I know it works. I hope you find the article to link to, I might then consider it for mine.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Whats going on under there?
The weaving is looking great so it must be doing it job right!
Please keep us posted..
Shirley Treasure♥