Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commercially Available Tie-Up System

There is a commercial version of the rear tie-up system available from Woolhouse Tools. Look on their "Kirsten and Gertrude Looms" page - it's called the 20+, as it adds at least 20 years to your weaving career). Susan at Thrums has one on her loom, and loves it. Hers looks a bit tidier than mine, but the basic mechanism is the same.

Be kind to your body, and your body will be kind to you.

I've been trying to follow that adage, and seem to be succeeding. After several months on Niaspan (a mega-dose of niacin) my good cholesteral (~85) is in what the doctor calls "the target zone" in relation to the bad cholesteral (~75), and the triglycerides are way down. He's happy. I'm happy. Better living through pharmaceuticals.

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