Monday, November 30, 2009


It's been a long and frustrating Monday, but it ended well!

DH spent a long stretch of the day on the phone with the lead engineer at AVL, being talked through various adjustment/fine tuning/replacement procedures. When he got off the phone, there was still one stubborn hook on one module that misbehaved in a consistent, repeatable pattern.

After much grumbling and swearing from both of us, DH finally tried unhooking the heddle and reattaching it after making sure the attaching assembly had no twists in it. Voila! As if by magic, the one misbehaving heddle began to work correctly.

I was able to run the loom through the first part of the "threading" file, described here, which lifts one heddle at a time so that I don't grab any heddles out of order while threading. Actual threading will start tomorrow. The warp I wound over 2 weeks ago will finally get to do something besides look tidy on the sectional beam.

Hooray! A celebration is in order!


Laura Fry said...

How wonderful the loom now seems to be behaving properly. :) Looking forward to seeing what you do on your inaugral warp.


Anonymous said...

Exciting progress!
Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Life Looms Large said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!


Theresa said...

What a fascinating process that all is. Break open the bubbly and have fun!

Deanna said...

It must be SO gratifying to reach that milestone. Bravo!!!

neki desu said...

wooo!! and how lucky of you to have a magic husband :)