Sunday, November 01, 2009

More Dual-Warp Weave Structures

Okay, I couldn't help myself. I simply had to see what happens if the base structure is 5-end satin instead of 4-end twill. Sixteen possibilities here.

For this diagram, I made the dark warp blue and the light warp green. If you click on the diagram to display the full-size version, you'll see that as with the twill example in the last post, as you move from upper left to lower right, the interlacement moves from weft-faced to warp faced. As you move from lower left to upper right, the interlacement moves from more blue warp than green to more green warp than blue.

The differences between the 16 blocks are fairly subtle, so I don't think one would use all 16 in a single cloth. However, choosing for example the structures in the 4 corner blocks would give max contrast. All this with only 3 yarn colors.

Key to diagram:

1 dk 1 lt, 1 dk 2 lt, 1 dk 3 lt, 1 dk 4 lt
2 dk 1 lt, 2 dk 2 lt, 2 dk 3 lt, 2 dk 4 lt
3 dk 1 lt, 3 dk 2 lt, 3 dk 3 lt, 3 dk 4 lt
4 dk 1 lt, 4 dk 2 lt, 4 dk 3 lt, 4 dk 4 lt


Deanna said...

This is SO cool!!! I'm loving reading along and getting to enjoy your experimentation vicariously!

neki desu said...

this is one wonderful exercise.

Alice said...

This is very interesting and fun. I love your thought process. In actual practice you would probably use only two or three of these at a time, and not always the same two or three. But endless possibilities for experimentation. Do you plan to take a break for meals?