Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Te Ito Ori Ri

As promised, here's a shot of the Japanese kanji characters that mean "handwoven:"

The design consists of 1/4 and 4/1 satin, which show plenty of contrast between pattern and ground, and also show hook errors pretty easily. Any float in white longer than 4 threads means a hook not rising when it should, and any float in black longer than 4 threads means a hook that rises when it shouldn't. There are a couple of the former in this panel of cloth that will need needle-woven repairs before wet finishing.

Happy holidays to you all, and wishes for a New Year full of fiber fun!


Deb Mc said...

way cool, much more interesting than the simple satin I am working on....wonder if I should do satin pickup!

Sandra Rude said...

Only if you have waaaay more patience than I do! I don't do pickup, period.

I'll be making the loom available to other weavers (after the "new car smell" has worn off, of course), so you could trek to California some time and weave your own cool satins.

I think we'll call it B&B&Weave.

DebMc said...

oh goodie, I'm working reall hard to learn more about structure and planning before I face one of those looms again! Otherwise it would be B&B&Weave&Whine

neki desu said...

looks really good. even the wood in the beater :)
will have to start planning for a loom visit.