Friday, January 15, 2010

An AHA! Moment

As I got closer to tying on the new warp to the remains of the old warp, I became more interested in knowing for sure that my Boyce Weavers Knotter is the right size for the job.

Finally, with the right light and my magnifying goggles, I found the model number of the knotter, hidden away on the back plate, just above the handle:

With help from Su Butler (thanks!), I was able to convert the yarn sizes given for each model in the "Instructions and Parts List" into yards per pound. A model B knotter is designed to work with yarns in the range from 16,800 ypp (very close to 60/2 silk) to 6,720 ypp (somewhere between 20/2 and 30/2 silk; thicker than 20/2 cotton). Hooray, it's the right size to handle the yarns I'm likely to use for warp.

I don't plan to warp with yarn that model O is built to handle - up to 100,800 yards per pound. Yikes!

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