Friday, April 01, 2011

Cally's "Ice and Reflections" Finished

At least, it's finished enough to pose for the camera:

The photos of this piece and the Fire piece (cropped in Photoshop to just within their hems/borders) have been uploaded to the exhibit's jurying website, now all I need to do is wait for results, which should be available in 2 weeks. That leaves me plenty of time to figure out whether because of the extra length, and sideways orientation, the piece will need some sort of backing to give it body and crispness so it hangs straight, and whether (also because of the extra length) my usual aluminum hanging rod is sturdy enough. Details, details.

I went to both the local fabric stores yesterday to see if anybody stocks a fairly firm black iron-on interfacing, but because they're both primarily quilting shops, the little necessities for tailoring a garment are woefully absent. That means a trip to San Luis or one of the other towns along this stretch of the coast where there might be a better selection. I've got plenty of woven samples I can use to test different ways of backing the cloth.

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