Friday, November 14, 2014

Picture Perfect

Meg, in Nelson, NZ, is organizing an online exhibition of "delicious, styled photos" of handwovens. Herewith, my contributions. A few years ago, I spent some hours taking closeups of scarves woven on interleaved threadings of 60/2 silk. The warp and weft yarns of the first three were dyed with colors extracted from wood shavings; the fourth and fifth were dyed with Lanaset dyes. The last one was printed on my business cards for a year or so.


Meg said...

My preference is for closeups - I love taking them and I love looking at them. So yummy, I just want to dive straight into them!

Curiousweaver said...

Love these. Not only shows up the fabric design but also a taste for the drape and feel.

Cally said...

Close-ups for me too! A weaver thing, perhaps? These are really touchable.

neki desu said...

close ups for sure!maybe it IS a weaver thing.