Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

The first piece on the blue wool warp is woven. It's just as sheer under the loom (on its way to the cloth storage beam) as it was in the last post:

Now it's time to decide which weave to use on the next piece (there is enough warp for 4 total).

One choice is a simple 4-end broken twill...:

 ...or a 10-shaft crepe, repeated on shafts 11-20:

The twill has no floats longer than 2 ends; the crepe no longer than 3.

In other news - the weather! We're over 100 miles from the fires in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area, but the smoke has drifted north on the wind several days, giving the air an eery yellow-orange tinge. The temperatures have been strange, too. Below freezing at night, then quite warm during the day. Today for example, we woke to a frosty 24(F) and expect the temperature to reach 78(F) during the afternoon. A 50-degree night-to-day swing is common during the summer, but not at this time of year.

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