Sunday, January 07, 2018

Wow! Things Happen Fast Around Here!

The Resident Engineer is fast! The new disk drive came a day early (on a Sunday, thank you Amazon!), and the "dead" system disk cooperated and allowed DH to copy it to the new disk, a full backup has been made, and I'm back in touch with Windows and all my files and applications. Hooray!

The warp and the dobby loom also cooperated, and the last wool boucle piece has been woven and the warp cut off the loom. Here it is, four featherweight shawls heaped on the ironing board:

Tomorrow, I'll do any mending required, and begin gently wet finishing and pressing the shawls. I'll be interested to see whether the difference in weave structures makes a significant difference in post-wet-finishing size.

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Meg said...

Is there an epidemic? I'm so glad your problem is solved. It's quite demoralizing, don't you think?