Thursday, February 08, 2018


In my last post, I didn't include any photos to show the difference between "natural" cotton yarn and oxy-whitened cotton yarn, so here goes:

Keep in mind that the skeined yarn in the pot is wet, which usually means it is darker than if it were dry. In any case, it is clearly a paler color than the light beige yarn on the cone.

This whitening made it possible to dye the lighter of the colors in the photo below. These skeins will be weft (Kelsey, the weft yarns are the cross-wise yarns, as opposed to the length-wise yarns called "warp" that are wound under tension onto the loom). The light green and the very pale silver-grey were dyed on whitened yarn; the darker colors were dyed before the oxyclean experiment. Those darker skeins had to get a more concentrated dye to combat the yellowing influence of the natural cotton.

The colors that I paint onto parts of the design will mainly include light grey-green, light blue, pale grey, darker charcoal grey, and a few areas of darker blue and fuchsia and blue-violet where those two meet and blend. I probably won't get to the warp painting for a few days; other obligations are taking priority.


Laura Fry said...

Yeah, other obligations sure do get in the way, sometimes! The dyed yarns look great. :)

Peg Cherre said...

Can't wait to see it all on the loom, in progress, and then done!