Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Challenge Piece Five

Sometimes, the weaving software doesn't tell you just how interesting a cloth is going to be. In most weaving software, it can be difficult to get the color palette exactly like the yarn, and you certainly can't predict luster and its effect on the cloth. The weft is another tramm silk

Here's the draft, with the colors on the computer as close to the actual yarn as I was willing to take time to achieve:

And the cloth, from the left side of the loom and then from the right:

The draft certainly doesn't predict the way the cloth looks from straight on, where the fabric rolls around the sandpaper beam. The light catches that tramm silk in a spectacular way at certain angles:

I've just started weaving piece number six. It will be shorter than the others (perhaps a one-wrap cowl?) because there are only a couple of yards of warp remaining, of which at lease 20 inches will end up as waste.


Connie Rose said...

How utterly stunning!

neki desu said...