Friday, January 04, 2019

Next Up: Number 3

The weft on this piece is another 20/2 rayon. It's a blue yarn from the same batch of huge mill-end cones that I bought many years ago, and continue to find good uses for.

Before I decided on this weft color, I used my favorite method of judging value in two very different hues. Set your camera (whether smartphone or digital camera) in black-&-white mode, and photograph the two yarns adjacent to one another. In the resulting image, if the two greys are close in value, the colors of the yarns are close in value. Here's my example, with the area I looked at for comparison is circled in red.

In that area, the overhead lamp is not making the coned yarn so shiny that it looks paler than it really is.

My goal was a weft that, when combined with the red warp, would produce iridescence. I think I suceeded:

Wet finishing will enhance the effect.

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