Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Reconfiguration: Successfull

The selvedges are much happier at 30 epi. If anything, the smiley-face edges are now very slightly frowny-face edges, but the effect is not nearly as obviously as the previous trial. I suspect they'll even out  a bit with wet finishing.

The weaving is a bit slow, because of handling 2 shuttles. I've used up to 4 at once on the jacquard, but never on the dobby loom. The end result on the jacquard makes the slow weaving worth it; I'm not sure this is. I gather from the literature on shadow weave that the technique was developed to give small looms (4 to 8 shafts) more patterning capability. However, with 24 shafts, I don't need that as much.

Someday, I might try to design a draft based on a 4-end networked twill. It's compatible with plain weave, after all, with alternating odd and even shafts; maybe I'd find it more exciting visually.

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