Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sandra's Dobby Loom is Also for Sale

AVL TDL (Technical (Compu-) Dobby Loom)  $9,500 OBO

From the estate of Sandra Rude, artist and professional weaver

Sandra was a professional weaver specializing in complex weaves using fine threads. She wove scarves, shawls, wraps, and table linens on this 48-inch, 24-shaft computer-assisted loom.

Sandra’s beautiful weaving was shown at high-end craft shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show, the American Craft Council and in juried and invitational exhibits. She won many awards from several weaving organizations, including Handweavers Guild of America and Complex Weavers.

This fine loom, in excellent condition, is now offered for sale.

See the loom in action:

48 inches wide
24 harnesses with Texsolve heddles
AVL A-series full frame 
Compu-dobby II
1 yard sectional warp beam
½ yard plain beam
Automatic cloth storage system
Automatic new upgraded cloth advance system
E-Lift, custom made by Mike Rude
Single box flyshuttle on overhead beater
Stainless steel reed (15 dpi)
Custom 2 level warping trapeze
Additional sectional beam hoops for 1" spacing
User and assembly manuals

Computer, mounted monitor, keyboard, mouse, and software are included

Comparable value if purchased today:  $20,000 plus tax

LOCATED: Atascadero, California (near San Luis Obispo)
Shipping, handling, packaging not included

CONTACT: Michael Rude,

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