Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mindless weaving

It seems as though lately I've been doing a lot of very complex designing and weaving, and when that feeling becomes too strong, I gift myself with a long warp of mindless weaving.

By "mindless," I mean a simple threading (20-shaft straight draw, for example) and a variety of different tie-up and treadling variations that will give me an entire warp of up to 10 one-of-a-kind scarves.

One of my new favorite sources of designs is, where I can browse for designs that fit the criteria I'm looking for. A recent search turned up the drafts shown below, most of which I modified slightly for my purposes, either changing the number of shafts, or shortening floats, or just adding selvedge ends.

I don't market these as originals, as I would for drafts that I designed from scratch, and I don't charge as much as I would for original designs. I give credit to on the hang-tags for the pieces woven from these drafts.

Because weaving simple designs on a straight-draw threading is easier and more mediative than weaving something more complex, I can do two things at once - be productive, and at the same time be thinking about new original designs. Talk about win-win!

This first one (8072) works great on a point threading with multiple echoes, too!

The rest are draft numbers 36865, 36903, 36918, and 40909, respectively.

Several of these drafts can be interpreted as fitting into the water series or the feather series. I'll have to come up with a category for the rest. A lot depends on choice of weft color. The warp for all of them is undyed 30/2 silk from Treenway. The weft for some of them is Treenway's 30/2 silk/yak blend or silk/camel blend or silk/cashmere blend (all really yummy yarns). Others may be woven with more colorful weft.

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beryl said...

I like your idea of putting the source of the draft on your sales tag. I use the Handweaving net a lot too, and mostly use the tie ups as a jumping off point; but there really are a lot of interesting drafts that beg to be tried!