Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Photos of scarf woven at SJ Museum of Quilts & Textiles

I finally managed to spend some time with the scarf and a camera. The photos below show the scarf (as modeled by my pal Minnie the Mannequin) and a closeup.

The design is intended to evoke ripples in a stream.

If you scroll down a couple of posts, you can see a screenshot of the weaving draft. The threading consists of two networked design lines interleaved thread by thread. The tie-up contains areas of 1/3 twill and areas of 3/1 twill. The treadling is an advancing zig-zag that starts small, grows, then shrinks again, so the ripple effect isn't constant throughout the cloth, but evolves (as a real stream does).

There are no exact repeats in the threading - it's a pair of advancing opposing curves that never make it back to their starting points in terms of shaft numbers. There are no exact repeats in the treadling, either. The first iteration of the zig-zag is followed by another starting 1 shaft above the first, and so on. I stopped the cut-n-past action when the treadling reached some 3600 picks long, and in the weaving, I ran out of scarf long before I ran out of picks. In fact, I think I only got to about 2600 picks by the time the weaving reached 72 inches. Since tencel doesn't shrink much, if at all, I didn't need to weave more to account for shrinkage.

This particular pattern is just one of a continuing series of themed weavings. More about weaving to a theme in a later post.

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