Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another in the Feathers Series

The second scarf in the recent Feathers series has been wet-finished and pressed. Same threading as the last post, but here the weft is a red-violet. Unfortunately the scan can't capture the degree of iridescence - from some angles, the cloth just glows with ghost feathers in red-violet.

The liftplan is another draft from I haven't been able to dredge up the draft number, sorry about that. It was designed to be woven on a point threading, but adding an echo to the threading really makes it a much richer-looking cloth.

After the show this weekend, if it's still unsold, I'll try to take a photo with strong side lighting to bring out the iridescence.

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Abby Franquemont said...

Wow, this one's really pretty. I would love to see more photos of it!