Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Water Series Skeins

The skeins of warp and weft thread for the upcoming water series are dyed, dried, and ready to wind onto cones. The colors should do a great job of evoking water.

From left, they are:
Warp A, dark royal blue, 50/2 silk from Henry's Attic
Warp B, light aqua blue, 50/2 silk
Weft 1, emerald green 100/2 silk from a supplier in the UK
Weft 2, teal blue 100/2 silk
Weft 3, blue-grey 100/2 silk (perfect storm-at-sea color)
Weft 4, blue-violet 100/2 silk
Weft 5, forest green 100/2 silk

The warp will be sett at 72 epi. The last time I used the 50/2 for an interleaved threading, I sett it at 65 and the resulting cloth was a little too spongy. Not quite sleazy, but not a smooth enough surface for the water theme. I think 72 epi will suit it better.

Besides, 65 epi is a challenge for me. For that, I use a 15-dent reed and sley 4,5,4,4,5,4 etc. which gave me 5 groups of 13 ends per inch = 65. However, with an interleaved threading, it's usually easier (by which I mean less error-prone) if I can dent several groups of the color order per dent, not odd combinations which always seem to result in sleying errors. Since 72 is evenly divisible by 2, I can dent 3 groups of 2 (warpA+warpB) together in a 12-dent reed and have a better chance of doing it right.

There's nothing more frustrating than doing something once and then discovering you have to do it again right...

More as the project goes along.

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Laritza said...

Lovely colors! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the warp.
I tend the to the same, divisible by 2 or 3 and consistent numbers. Makes life a lot easier!