Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Selvedge Magazine & Video

If you're not familiar with Selvedge Magazine, published in Britain, you should treat yourself to the video that's on their website right now. If you've ever felt as if the fabric you're working on - whether woven, knitted, quilted or surface-designed - is out to get you, you'll love this video.

The magazine covers all aspects of the textile world and is really a wonderful resource. Check it out!

On another topic, I've switched to a new method of tracking blog statistics, and have collected some interesting data about the more-than-9,000 visitors to the blog. The statistics gathering service is available (free for basic, paid for more extensive) from StatCounter.

The first free blog statistics tool I used just counted page loads - that is, how many times anyone opened a page in the blog. Not terribly meaningful as a way to find out how many actual people visit the blog. StatCounter counts visitors, which is much more informative: repeat visitors, new visitors, etc., as well as a lot of other interesting factoids in chart or graph form. For example, where you all are located. For the past week, you've come to the blog from the following countries:

"Unknown" simply means the ISP didn't bother to fill in the "country" field when they registered with the network authorities. Most ISPs do provide that information, which makes gathering statistics much more interesting. Over the past couple of months, I've had visitors from Peru, Finland, Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, and Japan, in addition to the countries listed above. It's wonderful to think how the Internet and a common interest have created a global community of textile people. Thank you for visiting!

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Tracey Ambrose said...

Hi Sandra, a big wave from New Zealand.

I'm really enjoying your blog and am mesmerized by your Water weaving, stunning, really stunning work.

I just thought you if you really want to see all your stat information for your blog you might like to use Google Analytics. You need a gmail address, enter in your sights details, give it 24 hours to gather the info and your off. My husband is a web developer and he uses this for his sites.

take care and happy weaving