Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bookmarks in Progress

This afternoon, I wove the first 4 bookmarks. I only managed to get the camera out after the first one had already rotated too far around the sandpaper beam to be photographed, so here are shots of the other three. So far, I've been using a red-violet weft. For the next few, it'll be a blue-violet weft.

The first makes a feather or fan shape (upside-down as seen here). I've used it before, on a scarf with a parallel point threading, but the effect was quite different because the threading on the scarf went from 1 to 20 and back, while the bookmark threading goes from 1 to 20, wraps back to 1, then goes up to 15, so it's a bigger point with a built-in repeat in the middle.

The second draft I've also used before, but it looks quite different with the larger points.

The third draft would be a snow-flake design with a single point in the threading, but with a parallel point that wraps, it makes a shape that's more rosette than snow-flake.

More tomorrow!

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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

Stunning. Your work is just stunning.