Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bookmarks, Just in Time!

Today I finished weaving this latest run of bookmarks. As I write, they're in the washing machine, then go into the dryer, then the ironing board and the rotary cutting board. Tonight I'll pick out the waste thread at beginning and end of each bookmark. I tried the Fray Block from June Taylor - it is reputed to dry clear and be washable and pressable, so I'm hoping it will be a reasonable substitute for the machine stitching. I'll report back later if it works...

Tomorrow we pack up the van to drive to San Francisco for the KPFA Craft & Music Fair. If you're in the SF Bay Area, please drop by the show - Concourse Center, 8th & Brannan Streets, 10AM to 6PM Saturday and Sunday, 12/8-9.

Here are shots of a few of the bookmarks (and their drafts) that include some rib weave, which I wanted to learn more about.

Woven with a similar hue and value in the weft, this one makes very subtle stripes - the textures of the rib and the fancy twill are different, but only show up with the light from the right angle. This would be a great pattern for fabric for slacks - the lengthwise stripes would be nice and slimming :).

This one also combines stripes of rib weave and fancy twill. The rib stripes are narrower here, so they just make a division between the twill stripes.

Looks like twill on the loom, right? Wrong! It's just a combination of ribs arranged in diagonal order.

I'm not sure this actually qualifies as rib weave - it's only a couple of ends between the twill stripes. Again, the rib makes a division between twill stripes but other than that is pretty much invisible.

After the show, I'll post more pictures. There were a few drafts I adapted from that aren't rib weave but were way too pretty to pass up.

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