Monday, January 07, 2008

Wood Warp Beamed, Finally!

It took several days longer than expected to get the latest warp beamed. I managed to catch the cold that's been circulating around the clan since Christmas. Some folks never learn that they shouldn't leave home when they're contagious. Yeah, I know nobody wants to miss out on the big family dinner, but neither did I want to spend 4 days with my brain like mush from antihistamines and decongestants! Grrrr.

The cold meds make me so groggy I can't trust myself to count out turns of the warping wheel or do anything else that requires any sort of precision, so I've been doing some knitting. Actually, I've been finishing up some knitting - attaching fringe to a couple of scarves, etc. Knitting is something I can do even with a mushy brain, thank heavens. At least, the kind of knitting I do. The easy stuff: cast on 20 stitches, knit every row until the ball is almost finished, cast off, make fringe (or not, depending how much yarn is left over).

Although, I did find myself ripping out about 6 inches of one scarf after discovering an egregious and very obvious error about 4 kleenex and a couple of sneezes back.

Here are two of the scarves. The one on the right is a ladder yarn, the one on the left is a flag yarn in deep russet colors that don't show up well in the photo. It's sort of half of a ladder yarn. I visualize a newly created ladder yarn coming out of a very Rube Goldberg machine, then passing over a cutter that splits the ladder in half lengthwise - presto, two strands of flag yarn. It's fun using novelty yarns - I might never weave with 'em, but knitting with 'em is one way to get lower-price items into the booth that I can still call "handmade." And it gives me something to do when watching TV, or riding in the car (as passenger, of course), or feeling mush-brained with a cold.

I just received a summons for jury duty - and in reading the fine print of the summons, I discovered that the court system has outlawed knitting needles as a security risk. What do they think I'm gonna do for hours waiting to be called (or not)? I wonder what they'll think of a kumihimo project...? I've got one of those foam-rubber disks with slots around the edge. Good excuse to practice! It can't upset the security guards - nothing to show up on the x-ray scan.

But enough whining and digression! Back to the warp! Here it is, with the cones of leftover warp thread. Just enough to account for replacing knotted warp ends, but not much more.


Laritza said...

Jury duty = tatting. Plastic shuttles. There are plenty of free lessons online. They will not show up on the Rx Rays and are small enough to stuff in a pocket if the judge does not like it.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I have a kumihimo disk and yarn on reserve should I ever again decide to fly................. The rules against knitting needles.............words cannot describe my feelings here............. (grin!)

jen hook said...

Are crochet hooks banned too?
The wood colours are just stunning, if you ever decide to sell your threads then let me be the first in line!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I hole back a couple of pieces that need fringes because I can ply them by hand very quietly and without tools.
It is faster to use the hair twister tool but my hands still work.