Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jacquard Class, Last Day

Friday, Feb. 15, was our last day of class. Most of us managed to weave a second sample, although some of them were pretty small.

Here, Joan Swift is contemplating the four shuttles she's using to weave a sample in 4-color samitum.

Ingrid Boesel wove an image of an Ontario longhouse in shaded twills.

Nancy Lea wove some roses with appropriately pink weft, using shaded satins.

Once all the samples were done, Alice cut the warp off the loom and we held it up for all to admire. In the picture: Deb McClintock (seated) and (left to right) Anna Klander, Alice Schlein, Ingrid Boesel, Nancy Lea, me, and Joan Swift. By that time, several other students had already left for home, so only those determined to finish their last samples were present.

Alice cut the samples apart and we photographed them all for posterity.

I'll post close-ups or scans of my samples when I've had a chance to finish the edges and do a little wet-finishing and pressing. In the meantime, every image I see has me thinking about what structures and techniques would be the most appropriate ways to interpret the image on the jacquard loom!


Beryl said...

Wonderful photos. It must be really exhilarating to be involved in designing and weaving on a jacquard loom. Exciting times for weavers.

Valerie said...

You've done a great job of chronicling this class! Thanks for sharing!

Ru Temple said...

Thank you so much for bringing your samples as show and tell to the Black Sheep meeting in February; what a delight to hear of your weaving adventures, and see the results.