Friday, April 04, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

The process of disassembling the AVL took longer than we expected - about 4 hours total. That included the time it took to shrinkwrap things in bundles, like groups of shafts with heddles on, the shaft spring assembly, the beams that have cloth aprons attached, etc. We discovered that our most favorite tools for moving are the big industrial-sized rolls of shrinkwrap that the movers use to keep drawers in dressers, and cushions on sofas. Plus, the narrow rolls of the same stuff were wonderful for wrapping smaller assemblies to keep bits from falling off or getting separated during handling.

Here's the loom with one set of 12 shafts removed, shrinkwrapped, and leaning against the loom.

Here's the loom a few minutes later. All the shafts have been removed, and also the AVL controller and shaft lifter, and Mike's getting ready to lift off the assembly that consists of the solenoid box, the cables, and the two wood cross-pieces holding the cables.

And a while later, there's only the outer frame left in place. The warping wheel is standing in the background, next to the euphorbia that I've had since it was about 18 inches tall (it's over 8 ft tall now). You should have heard the movers' reactions when I said I'd like to move the euphorbia too........It has thorns. Really wicked ones.

Not long after, the whole thing is just a stack of parts and a couple of side frames:

It'll probably be a while before the weaving studio takes form. You'll understand when you see pictures of it in its current state. I'll post a few pictures tomorrow, if I can find a place to stand and capture an image of the total chaos up there.


Beryl said...

Congratulations on the move. The tear down of the AVL scares me silly -- but you and Mike seem to have had everything under control.

See you at CNCH.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I don't have an AVL and I didn't have to take my loom fully apart. But when we moved three years ago, shrink wrap was a godsend.