Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fire Scarf #1 Woven

I finished the first of the series this afternoon, just before dinner. Here's a glimpse of it under the loom, as it winds onto the cloth storage beam at the back.

I'm coming to the conclusion that small, inexpensive digital cameras have more trouble with red than with any other color in the spectrum. This isn't really what the cloth looks like, it's darker and gloomier, but this was the best of the shots I tried. Oh, well.

Here are the weft yarns for the next two in the series. (In daylight, the camera has no trouble at all - this is really what they look like!)

The spool on the left is 100% silk, constructed of 3 plies of silk tramm, each ply a different color. One is rust, one fuchsia, and one deep purple.

The spool on the right is 100% viscose, a mostly dark brown with metallic sparkles of rusty red.

I've woven about 100 picks of scarf #2, using the silk, and it's gonna be spectacular. Because tramm is not twisted, and the thread is loosely plied with hardly any twist added, it lays into the shed differently than a spun thread does. The colors (which change from one to the next in 1/4-inch intervals) don't really show up as separate colors, but the net effect is EXTREME irridescence. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow, after I've woven a bit more.


Valerie said...

Well, my digital camera was not cheap, and it still has trouble with brilliant reds.

The scarf is lovely despite the camera's disposition!

Where do you get your silk yarns? (If I may ask?)

Peg in South Carolina said...

Whenever I see tramm silk on Habu's website, I am sorely tempted. You may have just put me over the edge! Can't wait to see you next pictures!

Connie Rose said...

What pattern or structure are you using in this brilliant piece? It's awesome.

Reds are the worst to color match, and it doesn't matter what camera you've got. I have to tinker with all my photos in Photoshop before uploading them, because the colors always look somewhat washed out.