Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Threading in Progress

I'm about half-way through the threading. It's slow going, but (again, from woeful experience) it's better to take my time at this stage, and have an error-free threading, than hurry and have to deal with oopsies once weaving has started.

I'm really liking howw the two reds interact. From a distance, it looks like a tomato red, and only when you get close can you distinguish the two different colors. I think it'll be stunning woven. I may change my mind about weft colors. At CNCH, I bought some interesting yarns from Giovanna Imperia that might be really wonderful. One is a thread made by plying two different colors together, both reds, but darker than the warp. The other is a deep, dark red metallic, but very soft and smooth. Sparks in a fire?

The "S" word (sample!) is rarely an active part of my vocabulary, since I belong to the Full Size Sample Club, but I think I might have to use up the first few inches of the warp trying these two wefts.


Peg in South Carolina said...

I always enjoy the subtle yet vibrant ways you use colors. Since I tend to be a "red person" I am especially interested in following this series. Thank you for taking the time to post about it.

bibliotecaria said...

Bearing in mind that I am a new weaver -- as I was catching up on your posts, I noted that you beamed, then threaded, then sleyed the reed. So you are a back to front person, yes?

However, I would appreciate understanding more about your beaming. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that. Winding your warp on the cloth beam at back? Because the one time I've done it (I'm in the middle of the second time), the instructions indicated that you don't do that until after you thread and sley. Is this just a variation? How do you handle that?