Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weft Colors for Fire Series Scarves

Today, the skeins of weft thread (100/2 silk) have been drying on a rack on the patio. The colors are pretty close to what I "sampled" with my weaving software; dark grey, dark forest green, dark brown, and black.

I spend most of the afternoon overheating my pirn-winder using it to wind the warp skeins off onto cones. I'd wind off one skein, then go do something else for a while to let the winder cool down, and go back later to do more winding.

Poor thing, it's only a sewing machine motor, after all, and when you're sewing, you don't run the machine for 15 minutes straight - you sew a seam, go to the ironing board to press the seam open, sew another seam, etc. A sewing machine only runs in short bursts in the mode for which it's designed. Even winding a full pirn doesn't take as long as winding a 4900-yd skein onto a cone. So I can't complain too loudly when it gets so hot I can't touch the motor without yelping. I just plan to have background tasks to work on between bouts of winding.

Tomorrow, I'll start winding the warp. More pictures later as the work progresses.

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