Sunday, July 20, 2008

Threading, Sleying, and Shortages

The hummers are threaded, and partly sleyed. In progress:

Plus, I found a small spool of 60/2 silk dyed for a long-ago project that's almost exactly the same hue as the yellow-green thread I'm likely to run out of when I start swapping out warp ends with knots in 'em. So I don't have to resort to weaving over knots, I can replace those ends as I go.

A reader emailed me to suggest that I weave over the knots, and then needle-weave a replacement end in for just an inch or so before wet finishing, and cut the knot out after finishing. Okay, have you ever tried to needle-weave at 72 epi in a complex weave? Not me! I'd rather replace the warp end by duplicating the knotted end for an inch before the knot, then cut the knotted end out and leave the replacement end in action for the remainder of the scarf, and swap the original end back in at the dividing point between the current scarf's last fringe and the next scarf's first fringe. If it were plain weave or a simple twill, and not such fine thread at such high density, I would probably agree... but not in this case.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Oh, I would rather not needle-weave even a simple plain weave at that density!!