Thursday, August 07, 2008

Last of the Hummers

Finally got back to the loom today. There's always a lot of paperwork right after a show, so it takes a while before I can weave without feeling like I'm neglecting the bookkeeping.

This is the last scarf in the current Feather Series. I cut off the first 4 woven pieces before the show, and actually managed to get 2 scarves fringed and wet-finished before we left for Park City, and did the 3rd in the condo (there was, indeed, an iron and an ironing board). So I've got one more to twiddle fringes, wash, and press before it goes into inventory, plus this last one.

The weft is a red-violet, which brings out the blue and blue-violet in the warp, and turns the green in the warp into a bronze-gold-green. The scarf looks dramatically different when viewed from the front, where you see more weft than warp:

This behavior usually means the finished cloth will be iridescent, changing as it moves in the light.


Taueret said...

that is just stunningly beautiful.

Beryl said...

Fleeting flashes of colors. Just like hummers! Beautiful stuff.

ajg said...

I think I like this the best - it's beautiful - ajg