Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now We're Getting Somewhere!

After considering yesterday's results, I concluded that I hadn't really abused the sample seriously enough, so today, after weaving another sample, I washed both in a longer cycle in the machine, with some hand-towels and rags in the load for extra agitation.

Here are today's more satisfactory results. The lower sample is yesterday's, and I'm pleased to report that both the dark brown merino and the beige wool shrink and felt just fine. The upper sample is today's, resleyed to 20epi for the wool and 30epi for the tencel/silk. In the upper sample, reading from bottom to top, I wove an inch of silk, 1/2-inch of latte-colored merino/elite, an inch of silk, and 1/2-inch of the dark brown merino in plain weave; then with a tie-up that weaves 2/2 broken twill in the wool stripes and plain weave in the tencel/silk stripes, another inch of silk, 1/2-inch of Jump (which didn't shrink up much at all - it must need more heat...), followed by 2 inches of silk.

So now I can weave scarves with the shrink effect all in the warp direction, and/or scarves with the shrink effect in both warp and weft. After spending so much time on samples, I'm inclined to do the former (quicker) first, then if I have patience, I'll do one of the latter.

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