Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Book: Collapse Weave by Anne Field

My copy of Anne Field's new book arrived last week. She and I communicated a long while back when she was looking for images of various weavers' collapse weave work to include in the book, and I sent her full-size versions of a lot of the photos that are on the Textured Cloth page of my website and said to take her pick. Not only did she include 5 images of various collapse projects I've done in the past, she wrote a very kind mention of me and my work on the Acknowledgements page.

Here's the info on the book. If you like the wonderfully tactile effects that are possible with the many flavors of collapse weaving, hurry out and find a copy!

ISBN Number 978-1-877427-17-6
Published by Wilson Scott Publishing of Christchurch, New Zealand

Anne is so generous with her knowledge. I think I've bought every book she's published, whatever the topic. One of the best weaving books I ever owned was her Ashford Book of Weaving, which I discovered as a new weaver, and loved because she made very clear some things that had seemed like total mysteries to me after reading other authors' beginning weaving books.

And if you're curious, I'm on pages 64, 101, 103, 120, and 139. As I said, all of the images are also on the website (Three Springs Handworks).

For you spinners out there, her spinning classes are not to be missed. If you get a chance to study with Anne, DO IT!


Valerie said...

I love Anne's book, Spinning: Beyond the Basics. That book really brought me into my own in spinning.

Can't wait to see the collapse book. It should dovetail nicely with the spinning info!

Ruth said...

Anne very kindly donated a copy of the collapse weave book to the Complex Weavers library. I'll be sending it off to the reviewer in a day or so, but after she has finished working with it, it will be available for borrowing by CW members. It's really a delicious book. I believe there will be a US publisher for this book. Anne gave me the info, but it has seeped out of both my brain and my email box.

Taueret said...

silly question: can you do collapse weaves on a 4 shaft loom? i'm glad you said that about the ashford book of weaving- i have it and many things are still a mystery to me after reading other books, so i'll have a look1