Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rain in Progress

The project, not the weather. The solid warp skeins are dyed, using equal parts of turquoise and royal blue:

Yesterday, I mixed a set of 10 gradated colors for the painted warp, and today I did the painting. Sorry, when it's wrapped in plastic and steaming, you haven't a hope of seeing the colors:

It's all blues, blue-greens, grey-greens, and other wet-weather colors. The five main colors are painted in very long sections; in between these are intermediate colors in short sections. Hopefully, the effect will be seamless transitions between main colors. That was the intent, anyway! I'm leaving the wrapped warp in the pot to cool overnight, and will unwrap, rinse, and dry tomorrow. Maybe then I can get a shot showing the colors.

As far as weather goes, we've had incredibly dramatic temperature swings the past couple of days - 37 F at night, 97 F during the middle of the day. No rain of the meteorological sort in sight.

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