Friday, October 03, 2008

Warping Wheel Information

There was recently a thread on the WeaveTech discussion group about whether or not it's possible to build a warping wheel similar to the AVL product. DH has already built me one, so yes it's definitely possible.

DH is one of those handy guys who says "How much do they want for it?" and when told the retail price says "Heck, I can build you one for way less!" Over the years, I've acquired lots of weaving tools that way: a spool rack, an 8-shaft table loom, a motorized shaft lifter for the 24-shaft AVL, a tensioned lazy kate for plying yarn, a motorized skein winder, several drop spindles, adapters so I can use my bobbin winder to wind cones...

A lot of weavers asked for photos of DH's finished warping wheel, and rather than flood the net with multiple emailed photos, I've put the pictures on my website for download.

If you're interested, go to this page on my website and click the link for the download, which consists of a ZIP archive containing JPG images and one RTF file (openable in most word processing applications). The latter lists approximate dimensions of the various parts of the warping wheel.

This tool is used to wind a warp in sections, which are then wound onto a sectional warp beam. I don't intend to give detailed instructions for using the warping wheel here or on my website. AVL has instructions and a video, and the WeaveTech archives have lots of entries on the subject.

Anyway, enjoy!


Michael said...

It's beautiful!

If you don't mind my asking, how much was the comb part? I've been thinking about trying to adapt something like this for my tablet weaving setup.

neki desu said...

thank you thank you for the photos and directions. now i only need to locate a wood worker-carpenter.

neki desu

Unknown said...

Thanks for the photos and information! I'm planning to build one of these. I am wondering what the round black thing is in the overall photo ... it is attached either to the support leg or to the arm that is pointed down in the photo. It's hard to tell.