Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scarf #4 in Progress, and a Last Look at #3

Today I got about half-way through scarf #4 in the painted warp Water Series. Here's what it looked like when I quit for the day:

Meanwhile #3 wends its way onto the cloth storage beam at the back of the loom:

If you compare this shot with the one I took when I had woven the first few hundred picks, you can see the difference in color caused by the painted warp between the beginning and the end of the scarf.

In thinking about how this project has been going, I'm trying to decide if the color effect of the painted warp is worth (a) the extra time it takes to paint the warp, and (b) the extra challenge of working with two beams, especially when it comes time to swap in the replacement ends when I encounter knots (and to swap the old ends back in when I start the next piece on the warp). It's a toss-up. I'll wait until I've done the wet-finishing and pressing before making a final decision. It's too hard to see the effect of the painted warp when you can only see part of a scarf at a time.

We're off for a few days' visit to family in Los Amgeles for Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day to all of you!


Geodyne said...

It's fabulous, the way each of these are so different. I'm looking forward very much to seeing them all off the loom.

Marie said...

Stunning, as usual. I love the blues.