Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Painted Warp Series Scarf Finished

This is number 3 in the run, fringed, washed, and pressed; in overall, closer, and closest views.

This scarf, even more than previous interleaved threadings I've woven, shows a high degree of iridescence. Just by turning the scarf so the light is from a different angle, first I see one of the two design lines, then the other. In addition, depending on the relationship between the weft color and the current color in the painted warp, one design line dominates the other (or vice versa).

Most of the cloth seen in the overall view shows more of the design line that produces a long squiggly line at a slight diagonal; in different light I can see the second design line, which creates an advancing shape. This is really fun!

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Katherine Regier said...

Sandra, Your Water Series of scarves are exquisite! I enjoy very much seeing the series as you work through them.