Saturday, January 03, 2009

All's Well...

in compu-dobby-land today. Thanks for your kind prayers, Frida! Love your fireworks pictures! (See the comments on the previous post for a link to Frida's blog, and to her Flickr pictures.)

Today's weaving is going very well. I finished the apricot towel, and wove a green one:

Here's a close-up view:

The close-up doesn't look at all like the overview shot, or much like the draft. This is another from, and again, the dark/light areas are reversed because I'm weaving a dark weft on a white warp.

The weft yarn is a hemp/cotton blend, very harsh and hairy and slubby at this point. Sort of like tow linen in texture. I'm hoping it'll soften when it's wet-finished. Otherwise, while it will make a good dish- or glass-drying towel, it won't be very popular as a hand-towel!

Next up is a purple towel with a butterfly motif in the borders and a broken twill body.


Frida said...

Thanks Sandra!
I wouldn't wish that anyone has trouble with their loom, good to hear all is going well.
This pattern is even cooler than the last one.

Geoff said...

That is a really good looking piece.

What are you using for your temple/stretcher? That looks like a slick system.