Monday, March 09, 2009

Home Again, Briefly

We're back home from Los Angeles, after a busy but fun weekend as vendors at the ASCH conference.

Handwoven towels were a big hit, and I've only got 3 of the satin towels and 6 of the fancy twill towels left. In the studio are another 2 satin towels that still need to be mended, washed, hemmed, and pressed. That will bring the total inventory count up a bit, but not as high as I'd like.

Next weekend, we'll be exhibiting at the Contemporary Craft Market in San Francisco. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, please drop by and say hello. It's always a delight to see familiar, friendly faces among the crowds of strangers.

The next towel warp will be lucky to get beamed before we pack up for San Francisco, and won't get much more attention until next week. I'm hoping to get weaving on it soon, because I have some other projects in the planning stage that seem like they want to move to the top of the queue.

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