Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trip Report

Back home from San Francisco and the Contemporary Crafts Market. We did better than expected, given the economy. I sold 6 scarves, which doesn't sound like much but is definitely more than at any recent shows. All were in the $150 to $300 range.

In addition, all the remaining satin towels found new homes. I'm left with only 4 of the fancy twill towels, having gifted one away as a door prize at the show.

Surprisingly, not much of Mike's beautiful woodwork sold. A couple of rolling pins, a few bowls, and a smattering of bottle-stoppers. Usually, his work constitutes the bulk of our sales, probably because the price range is lower than mine.

As is typical for shows like this, the serious buyers come on Saturday, and the Sunday crowd is more lookie-lou browsers than shoppers. So the weekend consists of one day of crazy, hectic activity trying to keep up with the demands of people who know what they want, and one day trying to keep a smile on our faces for a crowd of people who don't really want anything. If I were a more patient person, this would be easier...

As soon as I finish up the bookkeeping for the show, it's back to work on the pink towels.


Catherin said...

Congrats! for earning a good amount.Later what did you do with that 4 of the fancy twill towels? Are in manufacturing part of towels?

Sandra Rude said...

The last 4 fancy twill towels are on holiday until the next craft show - probably the American Craft Council show in San Francisco in August - unless they go as gifts to friends. In the meantime, I'm starting another towel warp, so stay tuned, and pictures will appear on the blog as things progress.

charlotte said...

Congratulations on the good earnings! I guess the financial crisis makes it more difficult to sell handmade things, at least it does here in Norway. There's a award for you in my blog, I hope you don't mind.